Not So Serious, But seriously – A reflection on making space

I’ve been joyful a lot lately, playful, energized. What’s got me buzzing?? Not taking myself so seriously.

What’s that look like you say? Well depends on the day, let me take you on this past week.

Monday – Forgiveness

My good friend C Dog came down and laughter filled the air.  We’ve gone through a tough patch and worked it out. She is capable of forgiveness and moving on in such a way that has made renewing our friendship possible. I have to tell myself, if she forgives me, I can forgive myself. I am forced not to take myself too seriously and be too hard on myself. This opens me up to experiencing joy with her. I am grateful for that.

Tuesday – Wing it

Several friends and I are collaborating on a community event and I can be pretty anal about structure. That doesn’t always serve the situation. We had a loose outline for the script, we didn’t have time to flush it out more. We winged it. It was FUN! We had great conversations with people on site, we got some amazing footage and shots. Events unfolded that we could have never planned.

Wednesday and Thursday – Saying Yes

The opportunity came up to run to Dallas on a turn around trip and I said yes. It was last minute. I had an open schedule. Well, I missed a routine check up that I need to reschedule – Sorry Doc! That led to another opportunity to travel with a friend for thanksgiving. I left those two days open to work and rest. I almost said no to those opportunities. Saying yes allowed me to get to know my friends on a deeper level.  I rested on Friday.

Friday and Saturday – planning

I used our planning pages with my friend K – Dog from project forward.  (link) We organized our weeks and talked a lot about how empowering those pages were. How they helped us use our time as a commodity. I got a lot done on Friday and Saturday to jump start my week.

Sunday – Letting go

During my meditation practice heavy things were coming up and it got dark real quick. I can see why some say meditation made their anxiety worse.  This has really never been the case for me. I don’t really think it was the meditation per se. I feel that these were things that needed to be addressed. Little by little, I unpacked the painful things that were coming up and I reached out and spoke to family to work things out in my head.  I took the steps that I could, and I let go of the rest.

Lot’s of what makes people successful demands a great deal of being serious.  Serious routines, serious preparation, serious meetings.

My serious faces

Watch the shining – It just can’t be all mopping floors, meal prep, folding clothes and sending emails. As I look through the week, what I see is that I made space for God to happen when I let go and tried not to over-plan and overthink. I made space for forgiveness, nurturing relationships and healing. I have had a bit of a messier house this week, but the little pile of dishes, wasn’iBT2Br3t that serious.

You need space to be open to beautiful and unexpected things. You need space to be open to nurturing relationships. You need space to listen to yourself when you need to grieve and heal. You need space to be open to the playful moments in life.


How do you guys make space?


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