Creating Space – Decluttering and Organization for Creatives

I’m wondering why I don’t have some things. A job, more energy, my van sold. Yeah, it’s time for big Charles to GO! (link)

I gotta create SPACE. I have, ahem, over committed a bit. So this week, I have been decluttering!

It isn’t easy! This is the era of YES!!! Shonda Rhimes is winning because she is saying yes. She’s writing books about it, I saw one in half price books the other day. I bought it and returned it 2 days later. I needed to declutter.

I noticed I wasn’t handling business, I have packages I’ve needed to mail out for months, I have business loose ends that are piling up. Geez.

So I made a list of all of my projects and I felt the need for some organizational pages. You see, as a creative, the regular doo dads weren’t cutting it. I needed something that wouldn’t be too time consuming to fill out on a weekly basis, but that helped me take a glance at all of my simultaneously running projects, so that I can better navigate all of the moving pieces. I made some organizational pages for Project Forward (link) because I have been working closely with the wonderful Kinyo, getting coaching to help navigate my life as a creative. Check them out.

So I have several projects and commitments currently running, and I was able to cut some out! Declutter! Put some on hiatus and reorganize others. It felt great!


Mental health update: It’s been 140 days since I made a commitment to step out of the suicidal yo-yoing that I had been going through for, ummm most of my adult life. Most of my routines are still in place. I have not worked out regularly in a few weeks. I’m now able to schedule that in : ) I don’t want to underestimate the gravity of taking care of my mental health, now that I’m doing better. I’ve revisited seeing my therapist.

It’s one day at a time. I’ve maintained my commitment to change the dang stories I tell in my head. Half of the time I was making myself a victim.  140 days and counting.

Be Happy Y’all, It’s a Choice!




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