Pushing Myself Has Turned Me into a Loser

A lot of what I have to say can be summed up in what Lisa Nichols says about discomfort

“Conviction and comfort don’t stay on the same block- Grandma”

I couldn’t wrap my head around a better way to process the failures I’m experiencing as I seek to push myself to grow.  I find that as I seek to live earnestly, I make even more earnest mistakes.

As I push myself to grow from my personal fears and hang ups. As I put myself in circumstances that are uncomfordable, and that lead me toward growth out of bad habits and misconceptions, I make mistakes. Unlearning my crap isn’t comfortable. I’m convicted to grow.

I’m grateful. I’m humbled and by the grace of God I’m not discouraged. Failure is a part of the game.  I’m learning, love is too important for me not to.  but-i-look-at-failure-as-education-in-that-respect-i-am-so-well-educated-quote-1





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