Peter – A Stranger Talk

This stranger talk was held at a great barbershop.  Enjoy.  Information on the shop below.

Peter sat down

he flirted, gently teased

slightly obnoxious, abundantly sincere

He opened up, shared a love story

Boy did I need a reminder, I was all ears

I’m not proud of my boys

I had nothing to do with it

My boys are grown, an attorney a semi pro baseball player . . . I love them

still not proud

because it wasn’t my doing

I learned this early on

I noticed, my firstborn wouldn’t drink until it was just right

We all start out knowing exactly what we want . . . 

From that day forward, I made sure to always give my sons the power to choose

He freed them

Letting go of all ownership

Not shouting. . . May I teach them to be free . . .


Whispering . . . free yourself baby, be free

I met this stranger at Charles Blades Barber Spa (link).  An incredible black owned barber shop.  Feels like Oakland.  Cool, hip, warm and with lots of style.  Handsome guys, good cuts, great convos. Highly recommended.

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