Striking a Balance

Thin line . . . tight rope.

My mother always said, “Whatever you do . . . Do it decent and in order.”  I see her pursed lips, I see her beautiful smile, her warm assuring hug that would send me on my way. . .

And here I am, on a tight rope.  Do I live life decent and in order?  . . . or do I follow what seems to contradict this message.  Walk away when your heart calls, and don’t look back.

Somehow, I’ve ended up on this tight rope without chord, net  or support.  My own two feet, my core clenched.  I’m comforted in knowing that this is just a high bar.  It is making me rise up. The right amount of pressure will make a woman great.

I’m not going to walk away from my 403B, steady paychecks, bonus checks and ample spending money without a plan.

I’ve got a tight rope to cross.  That takes some training.  That’s decent and in order.


Dedicated to Jacqie Bains. . .


Be Happy Ya’ll . . . It’s a choice


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